Listing a fine Luxury Home is much more than just taking a few photos and putting it up on the local multiple listing service. We need to make your home best show, at it's price point. We have to make anyone who visits or sees us online want to make it their own. We need to capture them emotionally and have them start to dream about living there. We need to make it shine and sparkle. We need it to stand out above the rest. If your home has flaws, we need to fix them. At the very least, we need to minimize them and accentuate your home's stronger points. That's where I come in!       

When I list your home, my years of specializing in making homes attractive begin to pay off.  We analyze what is good and bad about it and help you decide what must be done to make it show at its absolute best.  From the moment a prospective buyer pulls up outside your home we strive to capture their attention and get a positive response.  We want them to like it before they get out of the car.  It has to welcome them in.  It has to entice them. Read More Here.