Listing a fine Luxury Home is much more than just taking a few photos and putting it up on the local multiple listing service. We need to make your home best show, at it's price point. We have to make anyone who visits or sees us online want to make it their own. We need to capture them emotionally and have them start to dream about living there. We need to make it shine and sparkle. We need it to stand out above the rest. If your home has flaws, we need to fix them. At the very least, we need to minimize them and accentuate your home's stronger points. That's where I come in!                                                                                                                         When I list your home, my years of specializing in making homes attractive begin to pay off.  We analyze what is good and bad about it and help you decide what must be done to make it show at its absolute best.  From the moment a prospective buyer pulls up outside your home we strive to capture their attention and get a positive response.  We want them to like it before they get out of the car.  It has to welcome them in.  It has to entice them. 

I work with a very talented designer and together we make an assessment of our challenges.  We come up with a pre-marketing game plan.  We consider necessary improvements, costs, and value added.  Our timeline varies depending on the scope of work required, but we can usually have a house ready for marketing photographs in 2 weeks or less. Sometimes we only need to freshen up around    the entry and do some minimal editing inside and we’re ready to go. Sometimes we need a more comprehensive makeover to the landscaping and more involved interior improvements. We specialize in listing vacant  homes, and have the resources to completely  transform and furnish and decorate even the  largest vacant luxury estate. Then its show time! 

We put together a professional media package of photography and marketing materials. Since exposure is the name of the game, we get it out there so it shows up where people are looking. Locally we market in Luxury Homes Magazine, all the local and US real estate websites and a Canadian luxury home website. Through our affiliation with Luxury Portfolio International, we have truly global exposure of my listings. They are seen around the world in 200 territories and   countries, presented in 60 currencies and 9 languages. I have powerful network of real estate agents throughout northern California, the San Francisco  Bay Area and Southern California. 

Our website traffic is constantly monitored and analyzed so we know where our audience is.  We utilize both print media and technology platforms to maximize our range of exposure.  And as the market is constantly changing, so are we.  We are light on our feet, adaptive and progressive.  We have to be!