Selling vacant unoccupied homes is my specialty. Vacant houses are a challenge. Vacant houses have a vacant, empty energy.  Even if they are neat and tidy and clean, they can feel cold and alienating. We need to breathe life into an empty house. We need to make it vibrant and appealing, so anyone who enters wants to be there, wants to live there. We need to capture our buyers emotionally and have them start dreaming about living there. We want them to remember it above all the others, to talk about it when they go home at night.  Your home should appear large and light and bright, with appealing furnishings correctly proportioned for the size of the rooms.  We want to make our guests feel good when they walk in.That’s exactly what I do. I work with a very talented designer and together we cantransform any vacant empty house into a beautiful environment where people feel welcome.          
Any vacant home will benefit from thoughtful and competent preparation. The benefit is perceived value.  Most people simply cannot visualize how lovely a home can be unless they see it presented to them.  If it’s not there, they won’t see it, can’t appreciate it.  We specialize in taking vacant, plain, ordinary houses and making them fabulous.  It is a complete presentation, from landscaping and exterior paint colors to furnishings, art, and accessories. From the moment someone pulls up from the street, we want them to know they are in for a treat.  We will make your home feel inviting, comfortable, and organized.  Our charge is to make your listing the best of show at any price point.

Fine luxury homes should not be presented for sale unless they are decked out and dressed up to show.  The price difference between a poorly presented vacant house and a beautifully furnished and decorated home will easily pay the fee for presentation and return a higher net for the seller every time.  For a luxury home or estate, the difference is even more pronounced.  Every home is unique, every situation is different, but a well presented home will always sell faster, and sell for more than a comparable house that is sitting there vacant.  Listing vacant luxury homes is a specialty which takes knowledge, experience, and resources.  I am a top producing luxury home specialist with an absolute passion and ability to transform vacant, lifeless houses into beautiful showpiece homes. 

Please call me for a personalized listing presentation and we can discuss your home’s possibilities.  We have the resources to furnish and decorate even the largest vacant luxury home or estate.  Thank you!